Many individuals declare that they’re the unique inventor of the weed eater. There are people who declare it was invented in England, and others that imagine the weed whacker was first invented in Japan. The truth is that George Ballas invented the weed whacker in 1972 in Houston Texas.

Ballas was an inventor and the founding father of the Weed Eater. He was interviewed lately by TheBuisnessMakers.com. Till Ballas invented the weed whacker, folks wanted to trim weeds and grassy areas that they could not get to with a garden mower with their palms, or hedge trimmers, making the duty very tough and time consuming to say the least. Additionally harmful, since getting down in your knees at hand trim weedy areas make you extra inclined to backyard snakes or different snakes and rodents and wildlife to assault. Ballas seen that this was not one of the simplest ways to trim weeds in a garden, so began enthusiastic about safer and simpler methods to take trim weeds in lawns.

Because the story goes, George was sooner or later taking his automotive to a automotive wash and was intrigued by the round plastic washing brushes that will clear in between cracks and crevices of the automotive with out doing any injury to the floor. Ballas thought lengthy and laborious as to what he might use to use the thought from the automotive wash and make a weed eater. He lastly got here up with the thought of attaching the underside of a popcorn can with radio wire connected to a wheeled edge trimmer and after just a few unsuccessful makes an attempt at making this new machine work he lastly received it going, and the weed wacker started its infancy levels of growth. 

Later when a employee that George Ballas had working for him who was an skilled machinist, helped George put collectively the thought – the Weed Eater was developed. George Ballas began the Weed Eater firm and the remaining is historical past. The Weed Eater quickly took off after being promoted on Tv in the course of the 1970’s. The weed eater solved an enormous drawback that many dwelling homeowners and gardening professionals had, that of trimming weeds in laborious to achieve and harmful areas.



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